Oral Cancer Screening in Mississauga

At Creditview Dental in Mississauga, our dentists offer thorough screenings and the potential for early detection of oral cancer.

Early Detection of Oral Cancer

When oral cancer is detected at its earliest stages, the prognosis and 5-year survival rates are excellent. At Creditview Dental, we have the technology to help increase the chances of early detection. 

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Oral Cancer Screening | Creditview Dental | Mississauga Dentist

About Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is a cancer that can affect any part of the mouth or surrounding tissues, including lips, tongue, cheeks, floor of the mouth, palate, sinuses and throat.

With oral cancer, symptoms are typically not immediately noticeable, which is why oral cancer screening is important to help identify traces of oral cancer early. 

Oral Cancer Screening in Mississauga: Our Process

The oral cancer screening examination is simple, completely painless and only takes two minutes.

A small, handheld device is used to shine the light in your mouth. We will shine it on your cheeks, tongue, the floor of the mouth, palate and throat. Within minutes, we will be able to determine the health of all these soft tissues.

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