The Importance of Preventive Dentistry

The Importance of Preventive Dentistry

Have you ever thought about skipping your regular dental checkups because you weren’t experiencing any pain? If so, consider this: the best time to visit your dentist is when your teeth are feeling great.

Pain is a sign that something is already wrong, and has likely been going wrong for quite some time. Your dentist’s primary goal is to help you avoid going down that road in the first place.

This is called preventative dentistry: the practice of maintaining your oral health to stop a disease in its tracks. It begins as soon as the young child’s first tooth erupts and continues for a lifetime.

Benefits of Preventative Dentistry

Preventative dentistry saves you money: Regularly caring for your oral health means that problems can be caught and treated early, potentially saving you the hassle and expense of needing more extensive treatments later.

Preventative dentistry reduces your risk of disease: Decay, infection and inflammation in the mouth can put your whole body at risk. Among other things, heart problems and digestive conditions have been linked with poor oral health.

Preventative dentistry increases your confidence: Dental problems can interfere with eating, speech and self-esteem. For people of all ages — and especially for children — regular dental visits help to prevent the social and health issues that arise from unhealthy teeth.

Preventative dentistry helps children maintain healthy, strong adult teeth: Problems in the baby teeth can affect the adult teeth even before they come in, so it’s important to keep their whole mouth healthy throughout the childhood years.

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Your oral health is a reflection of your whole body’s health, and the appearance of your teeth can directly affect your confidence and self-esteem in everyday life. This makes preventative dentistry one of the smartest things you can do for your family’s health.

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