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By Creditview Dental
May 21, 2019
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Are you an adult living with tooth loss in Mississauga, ON? Wondering how our dentists Dr. Brian Kaplansky and Dr. Aliki Divaris can help Dental-Implantyou get your smile back on track after missing one or more teeth? If you said “yes” then you may be wondering whether dental implants are the right tooth replacement option for you. Of course, we know that you may have questions about this restoration so we want to provide you with the helpful answers you need.

What are dental implants?

While an implant is made up of three different parts the part that most people are curious about is the metal post. This metal post or screw is placed into the jawbone where it replaces your missing tooth roots. It even stimulates the jawbone to keep it healthy and to prevent bone loss.

The metal implant is durable enough to support everything from a single dental crown (to replace one tooth) to dentures (for replacing several or all of your teeth).

How long do dental implants last?

The longevity of your implant will depend on you and how well you care for your restoration. The implant itself is made from titanium, and because it fuses together naturally with bone and tissue it becomes a permanent structure within the jawbone. This means that with the proper care and hygiene your implant can last several decades, which could correspond to having this restoration for the rest of your life.

How long will it take to get an implant?

The process to get a dental implant takes time since we will need to perform surgery and then give your mouth up to six months to heal and fuse with the implant. Depending on how many implants you are getting and where they are being placed, the entire treatment process, from beginning to end, typically takes anywhere from six months to over one year.

Do I need to undergo surgery to get implants?

Yes. In order to get a dental implant our Mississauga, ON, restorative dentists will need to open up the gums in order to place the implant into the jawbone. This procedure is performed right here in our office under local anesthesia, which means that you can go home immediately after surgery.

Who is a good candidate for dental implants?

Most adults who are healthy are ideal candidates for dental implants. We will first need to examine your mouth to make sure that there is enough healthy jawbone present to support the implant.

Are you interested in what dental implants can do for your smile? Want to sit down with our dental team in Mississauga, ON, and talk about your options? If so, call Creditview Dental today and let’s get started.

By Creditview Dental
July 11, 2018
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Dental ImplantsDo you feel alone in your oral health problems? Well, you shouldn't! The Canadian Dental Association reports that while decay and tooth loss have decreased over the past 40 years, they still happen. In other words, many North Americans have smile gaps from tooth decay, periodontal disease, traumatic injury, or congenital absence of teeth. At Creditview Dental in Mississauga, Dr. Brian Kaplansky and Dr. Parneety Randhawa fill unsightly and unhealthy gaps with modern dental implants so you can have a complete and functional smile.

The dental implant

Dental implants are a wonder of modern dentistry because not only does they look and act like a real tooth, they also preserve the jaw by exercising the bone every time you bite and chew. This happens by what dentists call osseointegration, a marvelous process whereby human bone bonds to the titanium implant screw. No other metal attracts bone the way titanium does.

Additionally, dental implants may be placed in multiples to support dentures and bridges or they may attach to metal rods inserted into the jaw. Either way, dental implants are super stable and generally last for many decades.

Qualifyng for dental implants

Dr. Kaplansky or Dr. Randhawa may recommend dental implants to their Mississauga patients who have healthy gums, sufficient bone in their jaws, and good overall health. Visual inspection and X-rays give you and your dentist the information you need to make an informed decision about tooth replacement.

If you decide on dental implants, you'll enjoy a comfortable oral surgery right at Creditview Dental. Typically, patients need only simple local anesthetic as the dentist opens the gums and inserts the titanium implant into a pre-drilled hole in the bone. After some weeks of healing (and osseointegration), the site is ready for the metal abutment, which extends above the gum line, and a lifelike porcelain crown.

Denture patients, you should know that Creditview Dental offers mini-implants (MDIs) as well. Inserted in multiples, these devices are about half the size of standard implants and require less bone to be functional. They provide exceptional stability for full dentures, allowing patients to enjoy their favorite foods without adhesives or slippage of any kind.

Close those gaps

Your dentists at Creditview Dental in Mississauga, ON, have a great track record in closing gaps and creating beautiful, durable and healthy smiles. Consult them regarding your tooth replacement options. Call today for an appointment: (905) 826-4929.

By Creditview Dental
September 08, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Are you considering filling in a gap in your smile with dental implants, but aren't sure if traditional implants or mini implants are the dental implantsbetter choice? Our Mississauga, ON, dentists Dr. Brian Kaplansky and Dr. Parneety Randhawa, share some information on both types of dental implants that will help you decide.

How do dental implants work?

Dental implants function as a root replacement system. They're made of titanium, a metal that easily bonds to bones. Once the titanium posts are placed in openings made in your jawbone, the bonding process begins. Bonding, the most important step in the process, generally takes about three to six months. Once your implant is securely attached to your bone, a lifelike crown will be attached to the top of it.

Dental implants offer an excellent long-term tooth replacement option. Because your new crown is attached to the implant, it won't slip when you chew. Implants are an ideal solution no matter how many teeth you've lost. In fact, implant-supported dentures offer an important benefit for denture wearers. When dentures are attached to implants, you won't experience the decrease in biting power common with removable dentures.

How are mini implants different than traditional implants?

The titanium posts used in mini implants are about half of the diameter of those used for traditional implants. Unlike traditional implants, there's no waiting period before you can receive your dental restoration in our Mississauga office. Mini-implants offer a shorter recovery period and are less expensive than traditional implants.

Traditional implants won't work if your jawbone is too shallow. Adding bone grafts can improve depth, but the procedure adds additional time to the implant process. Because mini implants are smaller, they can be used for shallow jawbones and don't require grafting first.

Mini-implants also improve denture stability. Implant-supported dentures are designed to snap on to the heads of the implants, providing a secure foundation for your new teeth. As few as four mini-implants can support an entire upper or lower denture.

Would you like to find out if you're a good candidate for traditional or mini dental implants? Call our Mississauga, ON, dentists, Dr. Kaplansky and Dr. Parneety, at (905) 826-4929 to schedule an appointment.

By Creditview Dental
November 10, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

Learn more about dental implants from your Mississauga dentists!

Dental implants are becoming an increasingly popular way to replace missing teeth. Dr. Brian Kaplansky and Dr. Parneety Randhawa, dental implantsyour Mississauga, ON dentists, explain a few situations in which you may benefit from this tooth replacement option.

You lost a tooth

Whether you lost a tooth due to an injury or tooth decay, a dental implant offers an excellent way to replace your missing tooth. The implant, which looks like a small screw, is placed in your jawbone and replaces the roots of your tooth. Dental implants are made of titanium, a biocompatible metal that bonds to the bone in a few months. After bonding occurs, your dentist attaches a lifelike crown to the top of the implant to complete the process.

You're looking for an alternative to traditional dentures

Dental implants are also an option if you've lost all of your upper or lower teeth. Unlike traditional full dentures that simply rest on top of your gums, implant-supported versions are attached to four or more implants per arch. In addition to anchoring your dentures, your implants also stimulate your jawbone and help prevent or reduce bone loss that frequently occurs after you lose a tooth.

You want a long-lasting option

You're probably also considering bridges or dentures to replace your missing tooth or teeth. Although these restoration options can effectively replace take the place of lost teeth, they usually only have a lifespan of 5 to 15 years. Depending on your age when you receive your dentures or bridges, you may need to replace them at least several times. If you choose dental implants, you'll probably never need to replace your implant.

You care about comfort

Because dental implants are firmly rooted in your mouth, they feel like your missing tooth. You'll never have to worry that your tooth replacement will slip or irritate your gums. Chewing is also easier with implants.

Are you ready to get the implant process started? Call Dr. Kaplansky and Dr. Randhawa, your Mississauga, ON dentists, at (905) 826-4929 to schedule an appointment to learn more about dental implants.

By Creditview Dental
May 04, 2016
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You don't have to live with a gap in your mouth after your lose one or more teeth. Dental implants offer the ideal way to restore your dental implantssmile. Your Mississauga, ON dentists, Dr. Brian Kaplansky and Dr. Parneety Randhawa, share a few facts about implants.

What are dental implants?

A dental implant consists of a titanium post shaped like a screw. Your Mississauga dentist drills a small hole in your jaw and places the implant inside. During the next three to six months, your jawbone begins to grow around the implant in a process called osseointegration. When osseointegration is complete, your implant is a permanent part of your jawbone. In the next few months, you'll receive a connector, called an abutment, which will hold a dental crown. The crown replaces your tooth above the gum line.

Implants offer advantages bridges and dentures can't

Deciding which tooth replacement option is right for you can be a little overwhelming. Although bridges and dentures are time-tested replacement choices, they don't offer the same benefits as implants, including:

  • Long-lasting results: Since your new implant actually becomes a part of your jaw, it will never need to be replaced, in most cases. Bridges and dentures must usually be replaced several times during your life.
  • The ultimate in stability: Over the years, the fit of your dentures can change, causing them to slip and irritate the gums. Bridges that don't fit well can also cause irritation. Dental implants are much more comfortable and stable than other options and feel more like real teeth.
  • Better biting power: Dentures replace lost teeth, but when you choose this option, you lose biting power. With reduced biting power, it's impossible to bite into many hard foods. Because implants are securely anchored in your jaw, you can continue to eat your favorite foods.
  • Dental implants may be less expensive: Although the upfront cost of implants is often more, the long-term costs are usually less than bridges or dentures since implants don't have to be replaced.
  • Your jaw stays strong: Losing a tooth makes your jawbone a little weaker and thinner because your tooth no longer stimulates the bone. Because implants replace tooth roots, they help keep your jaw strong and prevent bone loss.

Are you interested in learning if dental implants are the right choice for you? Call Dr. Brian Kaplansky and Dr. Parneety Randhawa at (905) 826-4929 to schedule an appointment. Keep your smile healthy and bright with dental implants!

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