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By Creditview Dental
May 06, 2015
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A cavity starts off as a relatively minor problem that can grow into a major pain. Common dental problems like cavities can be kept at bay with dental sealants. This is a simple and effective treatment that you can have completed in just one appointment with Dr. Brian Kaplansky or Dr. SealantsParneety Randhawa at their Mississauga Family Dentistry Clinic.

What Are Dental Sealants?
A dental sealant is a plastic-based compound that can be applied to the surface of your teeth to protect it from the bacteria that causes cavities. The enamel of your teeth can become weak due to eating or drinking sugary or acidic foods, or by failing to maintain good dental care habits. The sealant provides added protection from food and bacteria entering the tooth. Dentists often recommend that young children have this treatment because their teeth are at high risk of cavities.

Applying the Sealant
The molars are the targeted area where your dentist will apply the sealant because of the many fissures and pits where cavities can form. You may not even know you have a cavity until you start to feel pain, which is why it’s so important to visit your Mississauga family dentistry for regular checkups. After a thorough cleaning, the sealant is carefully “painted” onto the tops of the molars using a special dental tool, and then a curing light hardens it in place. 

Sealants Last for a Long Time
Once your sealant is in place, you can relax knowing that your teeth are protected for a long time. In many cases, sealants will last for several years before you have to make an appointment to have it reapplied. However, it’s still very important to maintain twice-yearly dentist appointments for cleanings and checkups.

Make Your Appointment Today
If you have had a problem with cavities in the past or just want to minimize the potential for problems in the future, call Drs. Kaplansky and Randhawa at (905) 826-4929 to ask about dental sealants. Your Mississauga experts in family dentistry are committed to providing families with comfortable, quality care.

By Creditview Dental
January 30, 2015
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Two of the most common appliances are implants and dentures

For many years, full or partial dentures were the gold standard for replacing missing teeth. But as technology has advanced, dental implants have become the preferred method of restoring the look and function of natural teeth. The ultimate goal of your Mississauga dentist is to retain as many of those teeth as possible. For comfort and efficiency, dental implants may be used to fill in the gaps.


These artificial teeth are affixed to a tray molded to the shape of your mouth. They stay in place with the use of denture adhesive and are removed at night and after meals for cleaning. Because they are not designed to be permanent, they can slip out of place while talking or eating as the adhesive wears thin. Food debris can also become trapped underneath the denture plate and cause irritation or infection. Check out our dentures page for more info!


As the name implies, these fixtures are implanted in the jawbone. The metal implant takes the place of the root and has a Dental Implantsporcelaincap on top that looks and feels like a natural tooth. Unlike dentures, which require a stringent routine of cleaning, sanitizing and occasional refitting, implants require no additional maintenance beyond that of regular dental hygiene and are designed to last several decades. Their aesthetic quality is generally better than that of dentures as well.

Dentures may still be the best choice for those who have more than a few missing teeth or whose jawbone structure may be too weak to support implants. In some cases, both devices may be utilized. Talk to Brian Kaplansky, your Southern Ontario dentist, to determine which implement is right for you.

Did your significant other finally pop the question? With emotions running high, it might be hard to figure out where to even start when it comes to your wedding plans. You’re already looking at dresses, tuxedos, caterers, cakes, and reception locations. While these are often the most common things to nail down first when it comes to your wedding, have you considered how your smile will factor into your big day? 

Of course you want to look your best before you walk down the aisle. If you’ve been considering a straighter smile for a while, now is the time to book your appointment to find out about clear aligners at our Mississauga dental practice.

A lot of patients want to get straighter teeth. In this case we highly recommend Invisalign. Invisalign is the clear alternative to getting that straighter smile.

The Clear Choice is Invisalign 

With Invisalign treatment in Mississauga you don’t have to worry about metal mouth. Invisalign consists of a series of clear removable aligners that you typically wear between nine to 15 months. We highly recommend Invisalign if someone is planning to get married in a little over a year. If a wedding date is coming up sooner, however, Invisalign is still a great option because no one will be able to see it. 

Since Invisalign is removable, you have little interference during the day, meaning:

·      You can take out Invisalign to enjoy your favorite foods

·      You can brush and floss without brackets and wires blocking the way

·      You can speak clearly

·      You can smile with confidence

If you’re planning a wedding in the near future but also want to get that perfect smile before your special day, then call Drs. Brian Kaplansky and Parneety Randhawa’s dental practice in Mississauga at (905) 826-4929, or request an appointment online.

Family dentistry is all about serving kids, adults and seniors with complete and comprehensive dental care. The goal is to help you keep your natural teeth and gums in good condition, but in some cases additional help is necessary. One popular service that Mississauga family dentist Dr. Kaplansky of Credit View Dental provides is dental implantation for patients from all walks of life.

What Exactly Does a Family Dentist Do?

A family dentist covers a variety of services that patients of all ages need, including basic, preventative and cosmetic dentistry. Going to a family dentist reduces the need to be referred out to a specialist for specific dental needs. One of the most important goals of Mississauga family dentist Dr. Kaplansky is to educate young patients on oral healthcare so that they can keep their teeth and gums in good condition for a lifetime. But there may come a time in a dental patient’s life when he loses one of his original teeth and needs a replacement.

How Are Dental Implants Used in Family Dentistry?

Dental patients can lose their original teeth in a variety of ways, from experiencing a sports injury to having an untreated case of gum disease. Dental implantation is a permanent way to make smile gaps, due to missing teeth, disappear.
A dental implant is a small metal or ceramic appliance that is securely installed into your jawbone. It heals into the existing bone as if it were the root of a natural tooth. When the implant sets, Dr. Kaplansky can then add what is called an abutment to the implant, which will hold a brand new restoration. The end result is a beautifully crafted smile that looks and feels like you still have all of your natural teeth. A tooth implant is considered a part of family dentistry because it is a suitable solution for patients of all ages, from teens to seniors.

Get Mississauga Dental Implants from Dr. Kaplansky

Mississauga residents come to family dentist Dr. Brian Kaplansky for quality dental implants. If you have a missing tooth, but you’re concerned about the financial aspect of getting dental implants call the office at (905) 826-4929 to ask about credit options or just visit to request an initial consultation.

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